To our amazing Kensington Apothecary friends:

Some of you received our previous update about changes in our production schedule during the COVID-19 lockdown. If you are not currently subscribed for email updates from us, you may not have seen it.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: Currently, we are not able to make many of our products without violating the social distancing guidelines. So as these sell out, we will not be making more until after the COVID isolation period is over.

REFUNDS: We are selling through current stock quickly. If you purchase a product that then sells out, we will cancel/refund that portion of your order. Note that we have heard that PAYPAL and Stripe are both taking longer than usual to refund. This is a factor that is unfortunately out of our control.

SHIPPING TIMES: We are staffed mainly by moms, including single moms. This means that, just like many of you, we are doing double duty home-schooling our kids and working. As a result, shipping times are taking longer than usual.


Creamy Coconut Cleanser- SOLD OUT
Rose Milk Cleanser - RUNNING LOW
Acne Defense Gentle Cream Cleanser - RUNNING LOW
Rose Oil Cleanser - SOLD OUT

Rose Water (AHA) Exfoliating Tonic - SOLD OUT
Sake Skin Detox Tonic - RUNNING LOW
Acne Defense (BHA) Tonic - RUNNING LOW

Skin Serum #1-SOLD OUT
Skin Serum #4- SOLD OUT
Skin Serum #5- SOLD OUT

Facial Oil #1 (Ageless) - IN STOCK
Facial Oil #2 (Clarifying) - SOLD OUT
Facial Oil #3 (Soothing) - IN STOCK

Rose Butter Balm - LOW STOCK

Capri 1966 Perfume - IN STOCK
Marrakech 1971 Perfume - IN STOCK

Thank you so much for your patience with all of this. We look forward to the day when normal life returns for all of us.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane!

With gratitude,

Claudia Carey Batz

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