To our amazing Valentina's fans

To our amazing Valentina's fans

For a decade now, Valentina's Naturals has been blessed to be supported by the most passionate, most engaged and inspired group of people a small brand like ours could ever dream of attracting. Some of you have been with us since the original Full Moon Howl days on Facebook. I will confess to still being a big howler at the Moon -- and I highly recommend it to anyone who has never tried it.

Perhaps it is because our community has been so strong and engaged that it is so hard for me to tell you that the entire Valentina's product line has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale. It was an incredibly difficult decision to discontinue it, especially after ten years of working to develop the brand, but the products were always more expensive to make than we could sell them for in natural grocery. As firm supporters of the Living Wage Movement, we weren't willing to cut corners either with employee wages/benefits or ingredients quality, so in the end, we just weren't able to continue. Our hopes to continue as an online indie natural perfume house were dashed when our attorneys informed us that we could not legally sell perfumes under our Valentina's name as the name was already heavily trademarked by the Italian couture house, Valentino. (Yes, really.)
For those of you who were devoted to our scent blends, there is some good news: we are launching three brand new 100% natural perfumes starting this summer through our sister brand, Kensington Apothecary. Each scent in the new Expatica Scent Collection is based on a particular time and place in modern history. If you were a fan of our Sacred Incense, you might love the incense and jasmine-rich Marrakech 1971, launching in special release later this summer. If you preferred the lighter scents of Sunny Outlook or Soul Detox, you might love Capri 1966, full of the Mediterranean ingredients of citrus, orange blossom, neroli and lavender found in the original, centuries-old formula base for the classic Eau De Cologne. The new collection is synthetic-free and phthalate-free and comes in a 50ml spray perfume with organic grape alcohol as a base.

I know that these two brands may seem very different in style and tone. In classic Gemini fashion, it took me two completely different brands to express the two very different sides to my personality. Perhaps some of you share that with me. If you do, I hope you will take some time to explore our products as well.
Thank you so much for supporting what was to all of us very much a labor of love for over a decade.

With great love and gratitude,

Claudia Carey Batz (aka Valentina)
Oct 22, 2018

I’m excited to see Capri 1966 has made it to shipping! Any news on Marrakech 1971?

Nicole Lawless
Oct 09, 2018

I love Sunny Outlook and am so sad that it is no longer available. I really felt that particular combination of scents was remarkable and uplifting. I am not a fan of neroli and will continue to try to find bottles of Sunny Outlook.
I wish you all good things in the future.

Jennifer Miller
Oct 04, 2018
I am absolutely devastated to hear this! Your psychic detox and psychic protection spray‘s were top-of-the-line. I doubt I’ll ever find anything that works as well. I am extremely empathic and get so worn out. The detox really cleared out my Aura. The psychic protection really boosted it. I have recommended it to a number of people who have problems with taking on other peoples energy. I hope you will reconsider and continue producing those two sprays. Good luck to you in the future.
Elizabeth Wissbaum
Oct 04, 2018

I am deeply saddened by the news that we can no longer purchase sacred incense perfume oil. Please reconsider as this product truly is a gem! I actually refused to visit Fresh Thyme market once they no longer carried this product… now I’ve realized the bigger issue!! Big bummer!!

Jessica Miller
Oct 04, 2018

I’m glad to hear you are continuing on! I loved Sweet Dreams and only found your products 2 years ago – I’ll treasure my remnants!

Finding natural fragrance that is so well-balanced has been challenging. I’m really loyal once I find my signature scents and unfortunately my favorites disappear just after discovery. Heaven’s Alchemy is another.

You have a great nose and alchemical sense – I look forward to your new perfumes. I am especially excited for Marrakech 1971, it’s sounds divine and perfect for me!

All the best to you :)

Nicole Lawless
Sep 04, 2018

Like everyone else… sad not to be able to get your old products! But….I will definitely try your new line. Please put me on your email list for launch info. thanks.

Sep 04, 2018

Dear Claudia,

I stumbled across Valentina’s Home-Brewed oils and body mists here in Vancouver Canada. I love natural cosmetic products and love to try creations from around the word. I had many from UK, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Czech, Poland and many more.

Valentina’s is by far the very best I ever used for only few years. I fell in love with Sunny Outlook, Habit Breaker, True Love, Sweet Dreams and Psychic Detox so much, I can’t stop using them. Luckily, I still have some left in oils and body mist.

I sincerely hope, perhaps one day you will find some way to revamp these beautiful and gentle scents that created healing sanctuary in my home and in my life.

BTW tell your attorney that Valentina is a female version of Italian name Valentino, which is male. Technically speaking – not the same. Valentino may have trademarked his male name but I doubt Valentina can be considered under his same trademark. Funny enough this would mean male is the same as female? Clearly not.

Thank you for your incredible creations. Keep it coming.
Grateful customer,

Sep 04, 2018

Oh no! I am almost out of Sacred Incense and come to find it is no longer. I am so sad, it is everything my senses need and so me. Please recreate it! You suggest Marrakech 1971 which I will try but I am not a fan of Jasmine. Is there anywhere that may still have some bottles?

Aug 25, 2018

I have enjoyed your scents for years and hope that you may consider online sales in the future for the Valentina product lines. It is hard to find great natural scents and you did it well. Thank you.

Aug 25, 2018

please inform me if I may be able to purchase the protection salts. a huge fan of the product. I would love to purchase any left over product available. many blessings to you.

katherine irene rosenberger

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