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An exciting update on our Carbon Negative Project.

An exciting update on our Carbon Negative Project.

We are beyond excited to announce that Kensington Apothecary has partnered with the 144-year-old nonprofit American Forests, to Plant a Tree for every single order we receive.

This partnership is very exciting to me personally. The longer I've been in the natural beauty business, the more I have been bothered by the hypocrisy between our mission as a natural company, and the unreasonably wasteful and clunky business model most beauty brands like mine operate under.

I had a lightning bolt moment while reorganizing the company after a difficult divorce from my former husband and business partner last year. If I was going to move forward with this brand, it would be on my own terms and within my comfort zone as a woman who has always had a strong social and environmental conscience. I wanted to reinvent the business model for a beauty company to one that I would feel comfortable handing down to my children. Your beauty routine should not feel frivolous, self-indulgent and wasteful. It should be an important part of a healthy self-care routine. To me, that means the company you buy your products from also needs to be sustainable.

Over the past 18 months, we have worked hard to dramatically reinvent our entire business process, questioning the way we do absolutely everything to see if there is a better, greener, more sustainable way to run our business. Our goal is to become a Carbon Negative company by the end of 2020. To me it's not enough knowing that my beauty products are good for your skin. I need to know that running this company is actually good for the planet.

The first thing I did was take the (admittedly insane) step of pulling my brand from store shelves all over the country. Not only did I hate seeing product that had been sitting on a store shelf for 18 months before being taken home to finally be used by a customer, I also hated the carbon footprint involved in the process of shipping and distribution to stores nationwide. Going direct to consumer cut our shipping carbon footprint by 75% with one step.

Next I greened up our energy consumption to a 100% renewable energy blend by simply signing on to our energy provider's website and choosing a greener plan. We had a good plan. But it had been a few years since we signed up for it. I didn't realize that even more sustainable options had become available.  If you haven't already done it, ask your local energy providers what the greenest options are in your area. You may be surprised by the variety of choices available to you.

Our cardboard boxes have always come from 100% recyclable Forest Certified Sustainably-Harvested local timber. Our bottles and jars have always been local, USA-sourced 100% recyclable, lead and cadmium-free, nontoxic and chemically non-reactive glass. Adding the partnership with American Forests has taken our packaging solidly to Carbon Negative status.

We ship almost exclusively through the United States Postal Service. Not only do we feel good about supporting this US institution, which traces its roots back to 1775, but we find it the most carbon-efficient method of shipping outside of using a bicycle messenger (and yes we are working on that as well). Your local Mail Carrier stops by your house every day already--no extra trip by the giant UPS or FedEx truck required. We have also brought on the Cloverly shipping app to give you the opportunity to round up the cost of your order by a few cents to offset the carbon footprint of your order.

Our current project is to analyze each one of our formulas to source local organic ingredients wherever possible. Some of our natural actives and perfume ingredients come from exotic locations. However, there is no reason that our base ingredients can't be sourced from the abundance of ingredients available right here in the Pacific Northwest. Stay tuned for more information on that adventure!

I want to thank you for supporting our ambitious little company, and for making a sustainable natural beauty regimen part of your personal self-care routine.

Yours in beauty,

Claudia Carey Batz

photo credit (with gratitude): Karduelis at the Wikipedia project


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