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Announcing the Expatica Scent Collection

Announcing the Expatica Scent Collection

Almost every great idea I’ve ever had in life has come to me in a dream — but not all of the dreams have happened while I was asleep. Sometimes a photograph or a painting or a piece of music can send me into a waking journey — a fantasy life that exists just below the surface of my everyday reality. The scent concept for my new scent line came to me exactly this way — from a many-headed hydra of inspiration drawn from movies, books, and music I have loved, artists I have known, and places I have visited. Out of this kaleidoscopic wellspring came the idea of a collection of unisex scents, each based on a specific time and place in history, and perhaps a person who, though a stranger to the place, somehow came to capture the very essence of it.

Grace Kelly was the Philadelphia daughter of a bricklayer and housing developer who became a movie star and icon. With her signature fresh-scrubbed American beauty, she made the continental glamour of the Mediterranean somehow impossibly more glamorous. I imagine her in a simple cotton shift dress and boat shoes, stepping off a sailboat onto the dock at Capri. There’s a snapshot somewhere, just like this image in my head, I am sure.

I was a child of the 1970s, fully steeped in imagery of the hippie generation. But it wasn’t the mud and glory of Woodstock that fascinated me. It was the more exotic images — Bianca Jagger marrying Mick in St. Tropez in a white suit jacket and matching hat; pop royalty in Marrakech, wearing silky embroidered caftans and jeweled sandals, perfumes of incense, jasmine and perhaps a bit of hashish clinging to their long hair.

In each of these fantasies, there is a scent that matches perfectly the time and place and the personality of the dream itself. These scents are the basis for the new Expatica Scent Collection — 100% natural perfumes made of some of the most coveted and exotic natural perfume ingredients in the world. I will be launching the first of these scents this summer: the subtly hypnotic and entirely delicious Marrakech 1971. You may even find a sample of it in your next skin care order. Stay in touch for more info about this exciting launch!
Jul 23, 2019

i, too, am a child of the 70’s. i loved the bright colors, Mary Quant and her line of products, the jewelry: sterling with coral and/or turquoise (i’d wear 4 rings on each hand & i would alternate: turquoise , coral, turquoise, coral.

your scent “Marrakech 1971” sounds exactly like something i would love. where can i experience this fragrance? if you have samples available, how can i obtain one?

yours in fond reminiscing,

gayle baker
Jul 23, 2019

I would love to try any samples thank you

Brenda Randolph
Oct 22, 2018

Hey there,

I’m really happy for you and the transition that you’re making that seems like it must work more harmoniously with your life.

I’m also so super bummed about Valentina’s being discontinued!
I was a huge huge fan of the Sweet Dreams body mist; I feel like it’s the perfect scent, and someone who struggles with finding the right perfume, especially an affordable all natural one, I was pretty enamored.

Could you recommend something that smells very similar?
I like less floral (/subtle) and more smokey…
So heartbroken but also, happy for you.

Thanks so much,


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