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Facebook Free and Loving It

Facebook Free and Loving It

We have struggled with this issue for over a year. As a small brand, it is almost impossible to remain in the public consciousness without Facebook/Insta these days. At the same time, I have no further desire to have FB in my personal life and have deleted it myself. It was honestly making me feel more disconnected from my friends by creating this artificial filter of happiness and letting people put their shiniest faces forward, even when it was clear that so many people are struggling in various ways behind the scenes. FB had an unnerving habit of deciding who's posts I would see, and randomly stopped showing me other friends' posts for weeks on end.  At times I only see very faraway friend's post and never my local besties.

Moreover, every time I posted something personal about my life, my travels or my kids, I felt like I was emailing it directly to Mark Zuckerberg. It felt icky and--dare I say it? Nonconsensual. I feel like this is a man who should in no way have his thumb on the scale of my social life, or have any say in how I interact e-socially, nor should he be disseminating my data to the highest bidder. No free service is worth this cost. I don't need my 15 minutes of fame that badly.

I won't even begin to get partisan here, but I would say that the current state of extreme animosity between the two major US political parties is due almost entirely to Zuck's business model. His company has directly profited from our fear and hatred and disconnect. He is bad for this country.

I always say that in business there are two kinds of leaders--those who love and identify with their customers and those who despise them and seek only to milk revenue and value from them. I can tell you which kind I am.

I know a lot of my customers and friends are still on FB//INSTA, so it's tough to say goodbye. Still, I had to go with my gut on doing the right thing whenever possible. This unholy partnership we have all engaged in with FB is not sustainable in the long run. It is destructive and invasive and at the very least a huge time suck on both corporate and personal productivity, not to mention quality family and relationship time.

So two weeks ago I shut down my FB and Instagram feeds both personally and for Kensington Apothecary. In the coming months, I will be working harder to reach you in other ways. For now, be sure to subscribe to our email list and check back often.

If you'd like to read more the Delete FB Business movement, check out this article.


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