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How to Mix and Match Our Products

How to Mix and Match Our Products

I discovered my first grown-up department store beauty brand when I was eleven. On weekend outings to the shops, my friends and I would cluster around the Clinique counter, answer a series of questions about our skin on a color-coded plastic slider, and voila! Our exact skin type would be determined for us. My flawless, not-quite-pubescent skin was declared a Type 2, and there was a three-step skincare series I was to purchase to go along with my skin type: Soap, Toner, Moisturizer. The problem was, my skin didn’t really fit into a single Type when I was eleven. Nor when I was twenty-four. And it definitely doesn’t now that I am, in my (ahem) late 40s, officially a grown-up and a mother of three. Time tells us one thing: none of us fits into a neat little category.

Over the years, I learned to cobble together my skincare routine by choosing products from various brands and product categories. I developed favorites, some of which I stuck with and others of which changed as my skin and my lifestyle changed over time. So when I began formulating my own facial care line, I knew that I would never assign my customers a number and tell them that’s who they were, that’s all they were ever going to be. I knew my products had to be able to mix and match to create an infinite variety of individual routines, and that they needed to work for men and women in their teens and twenties as well as their forties and fifties and beyond. For example, I am in my 40s, with normal-to-dry skin. I worry about fine lines and firmness, and sun exposure from my years spent living in Southern California. My skin is also sensitive to a lot of chemicals, and I am often reacting to a random product I have used. Being the office guinea pig for all new products we develop can take its toll on my poor face!

Our products are designed to be used in this order:

Step One: Cleanser: to encapsulate and clear away microdebris, pollution, stale makeup and rancid skin sebum.

Step Two: Tonic: to dissolve and sweep away the outermost layer of damaged, aged skin, to refine and balance the skin, to prep the skin for treatments.

Step Three: Serums: These treatments contain stronger concentrations of our most powerful active ingredients. Use one or more to treat individual skin conditions or lifestyle factors.

Step Four: Facial Oils: These are our moisturizers, which your skin actually prefers over a potentially clogging cream or lotion. Spread a very light, even layer across your skin and blot excess.

The routine I have built for myself is:

STEP ONE: Acne Defense Cleanser (Also great for healing and exfoliating)

STEP TWO: Sake Skin Detox Tonic

STEP THREE: Skin Serum #5 Antioxidant Boost

STEP FOUR: Facial Oil #3: Pure Soothing

That’s a lot of product, and a big routine. You would think that, as the owner of a skincare company, I would keep to my routine religiously. But I am also a stressed-out business owner and a full-time mom. Sometimes I am just too tired to get it all done. Sometimes I wash my face with the insanely popular Rose Oil Cleanser and pass out from exhaustion. Sometimes I wake up late, splash some cold water on my face and slather on a quick layer of Facial Oil #1: Pure Beauty. And guess what? I survive. But when I take the time and do my whole routine, it really shows in my skin. And I am not afraid of heading out that door makeup-free in my 40s because I mostly stick to my routine. (In my bag, I keep a jar of Rose Butter Facial Balm, which I use on my hands, legs, lips, and to defrizz my hair.)

Recently I had a beautiful woman with creamy, youthful skin post a makeup-free selfie on our Facebook page. I was stunned to read that she is 48 years old and going through early menopause. She had the smooth, clear skin of a woman in her early thirties. Obviously her own good genes take most of the credit for how great she looks, but for the record, here is her (classic anti-aging) skincare routine:

STEP ONE: Rose Milk Cleanser

STEP TWO: Rose Water Exfoliating Tonic

STEP THREE: Skin Serum #1 Ageless Beauty

STEP FOUR: Facial Oil #1: Pure Beauty

I am excited that you are exploring our facial care line. My greatest hope is that you will find some of your new all-time favorite products here. When you do, be sure to visit us on Facebook and Instagram to let us know what your perfect skincare routine is!

Your Friend in Natural Beauty,

Claudia Carey Batz

* Image credit: Beauty Blog of a Kind

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