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Rebel With A Cause: Why We Only Sell Directly To You

Rebel With A Cause: Why We Only Sell Directly To You

We get at least three emails a day from people who used to buy our products at Whole Foods or Beauty Habit or another retailer, asking where they can find our products. The answer is: Right Here!

About eight months ago, we pulled our brand out of retail and made the decision to sell directly and exclusively to our customers through our web presence. At a time when other brands are fighting tooth and nail to make it onto as many shelves as possible, we were pulling our brand off shelves. Sounds crazy, right? Here’s why we did it.

Our customers are professional people in entertainment and the arts, in politics, in law and medicine and the nonprofit and corporate worlds, many with high-visibility careers that demand they look great at all times. However, they are not willing to sacrifice their values just to look good. They need high-performance beauty products that are also natural, organic and responsibly-produced. Out of habit and a long history of low-performance natural products found on grocery shelves, our customers were buying their groceries at natural markets but their beauty online or at high end department stores like Saks, Barneys, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, where we could not compete as a small indie natural brand.

As a result, while we were sold at Whole Foods Market and elsewhere in hundreds of retail and other shops around the country, many people were buying direct from us, which meant that the products on the shelf at stores could be a year old or even older before they were ever purchased and used by our fans. As a brand that uses natural preservatives and skin-friendly raw, natural and organic ingredients, we do not want (or formulate) our products to sit on shelves for years gathering dust before being used. It’s against everything we believe in. We needed a solution. 

At first we were worried that selling directly to end consumers was somehow selfish or ecologically unsound. But when we did the research, we discovered that we could reduce our carbon footprint by over 75% simply by eliminating shipping to distributors and stores and shipping directly to our customers. Think about it: most beauty brands are made by third party manufacturers, most often not even located in their own state or region. Product gets manufactured and shipped to the brands that supposedly make them. They then ship out again: to the regional distributor, where they can sit on warehouse shelves for weeks and months before being shipped out a third time: to the stores, where they can sit on shelves for weeks and even months before you finally pick them up and bring them home.

We manufacture our products in-house and ship them directly to you at your home: manufacturer to end user, end of story. Here’s an added bonus of going direct: despite using the most expensive natural beauty actives available, we are able to keep our prices well below high-end natural beauty competitors because we do not have to adjust our price structure to accommodate the 50% discounts that retail and online stores demand of the brands they sell. 

Did you know there is a robust trade in people reselling old, used, sometimes even stolen or “refilled” beauty products online at places like EBay, Amazon, Poshmark and Mercari? I cannot urge you strongly enough not to buy our (or anyone else’s) natural beauty products used from these sites! Not only are you not supporting independent beauty companies, but you could also be putting your skin at risk.  We want people to use our own authentic products when they are freshly made. So we decided to go direct. To buy Kensington Apothecary, you have to come to — the only true source of our products. We do not have any authorized sellers on Amazon or eBay, so if you are buying our products there, the product is in no way connected to us.

I know it can be frustrating to have to order online from our little site, but know that it means you are getting the highest-quality, freshest possible natural beauty products and supporting a company that supports a living wage, health insurance and a balanced work/home life for all team members. 

We are deeply fortunate to have a fan base that cares about the same things we care about, and we are dedicated to delivering them the finest natural beauty products available anywhere. 

Yours in beauty,

Claudia Carey Batz

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