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The Bunny is Back!

The Bunny is Back!

You probably know that we have always been firmly committed to avoiding all ingredients and companies that engage in Animal Testing. In August of this year, we once again recertified and reconfirmed our Cruelty-Free Status with the nonprofit Leaping Bunny Organization to certify that none of our products are, have been, or ever will be tested on animals other than humans.

We do use locally-sourced beeswax from a local Portland apiarist in our Rose Butter Balm, but are working to refine that formula to use a plant-sourced wax as a replacement. All other products, including our perfumes, contain NO ANIMAL-SOURCED INGREDIENTS AT ALL.


photo courtesy (with gratitude): "Baby rabbit on the Lookout" Author Gail Hampshire from Cradley, Malvern, U.K, via Wikimedia Commons. Use of this wiki-licensed photo does not imply photographer's endorsement of our brand.

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