Rose Water Exfoliating Tonic

Rose Water Exfoliating Tonic

$ 34.00

That tired, outer layer of skin needs to go, and you’re too smart to scrub it with grit. Let our quintet of fruit acids reveal the fresh, younger, smoother skin beneath. It's anti-aging, anti-blemish, anti-dullness. Formulated to be gentle yet powerfully effective for gorgeous teens, their chic grandmothers and everyone in-between.

Claudia's Take: "It was 1994 in Los Angeles. I was waiting tables, acting and going to school. My skin was a mess. I became obsessed with Aveda's Exfoliant in the frosted green glass bottle. Whenever I used it, for some reason I said to myself, 'If only they would make this with rose water and fruit acids...' When I started Kensington Apothecary, it was the first product I formulated. I went with Alpha Hydroxy Acids instead of a Beta Hydroxy source such as Willowbark since I was pregnant AND breastfeeding at the time and BHAs are a big no-no when breastfeeding..."

Note: Contains the exfoliating power of naturally-occurring AHAs. Be sure to use sunscreen when using this product.



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