The State of the Art in Old World Beauty

Kensington Apothecary is the newest creation of Claudia Carey Batz, brand designer and formulator of the highly-successful national body care brand, Valentina’s Home- Brewed, who worked for three years to formulate her 14-product debut line of 100% natural facial skin care.

Claudia’s goal in creating Kensington Apothecary was to fill the desperate need for a high-end department store-level beauty line which could compete against the hottest luxury skin care products in terms of performance, while also exceeding the daunting, 100% natural ingredient standards of the most exacting natural skin care buyer.

Looking back for inspiration to a time before synthetic chemicals existed, Claudia created many of her natural product bases while researching traditional British and European skincare recipes from the Renaissance through the Victorian eras. Since some of the original recipe bases included such ethically-challenged ingredients as shark liver oil and whale-sourced spermaceti wax, they have been updated using plant-based naturals which conform to the values and priorities of a more modern consumer.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Kensington Apothecary formulates and manufactures 100% natural skincare using Organic and NON-GMO raw materials and the most advanced natural actives available in the world, primarily sourced from Switzerland and France. Our products are available at natural grocers and fine cosmetic retailers nationwide as well as online.