When formulating our products and sourcing raw materials, we look for 100% Natural, Certified Organic, Ecocert, GMO-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Conflict-Free, Sustainably-Harvested ingredients whenever possible. We reject ingredients which are pre-preserved with parabens, or suspended in Propylene Glycol, or which contain toxic synthetic chemicals of any kind. 

Unlike the majority of beauty companies today, we are committed to a 100% full disclosure labeling policy, believing that our customers have a right to make fully-informed decisions on what they choose to use on their skin.We formulate every product to be able to achieve a 0 or 1 rating in the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep TM database of cosmetic product and ingredient toxicity. The vast majority of our products are made with only 100% natural ingredients. Very occasionally, we may formulate a product which is especially difficult to safely preserve using 100% naturals, or which degrades or separates using 100% naturals, for example. Over the past five years, we have found that some currently trendy natural preservatives and emulsifiers in particular are highly allergenic and/or irritating. In these cases, we may opt for documented, well-tested, safe synthetic options. We will always let you know exactly what percentage of a product might contain safe synthetics as opposed to 100% natural. Our first priority in sourcing any ingredient will always be our constant commitment to finding the highest quality, most ethically-sourced, safest, least allergenic, most effective and the purest source of that ingredient available in the world.


Why aren’t all of your ingredients Certified Organic?

The demand for 100% natural plant actives has exploded in the past five to ten years. Not all of them have had time to get their crops certified organic. Others are from areas so remote and exotic that Organic Certification is not something they are even familiar with. For still others, the cost of annual certification is far outside their means. We use some very costly essential oils and co2 extracts of rare plants and blossoms in our scent blends. A number of them are either not yet available from a certified organic supplier, or they are currently so prohibitively expensive that we would have to charge our customers what we feel is an unreasonable price for our end products if we were to switch to 100% organic formulas. While many of our ingredients are in fact certified organic through our suppliers’ certification, we as a facility are not yet certified organic. It is something we are working on, and getting closer to as more and more of the rare raw materials and extracts we use are becoming available at more reasonable price points. It is a priority to us and we know it is to you too, so we will keep you posted on our progress!

Do you use any Synthetic Preservatives in your products?

You would be surprised and disappointed to know what often passes as natural and even organic on store shelves today. The truth is, it bothers me that far too many so-called “natural” brands use synthetic preservatives or synthetically-preserved natural ingredients in their products – brands currently on the shelves in all of our favorite stores that you would never imagine are using synthetics. It is a pet peeve of mine and something I hope will change one day. For now, I use my own products and I hope you will too!

Do you use any animal-sourced scent materials in your products?


What allergens are present in your facility?

We manufacture some products within our facility using oils, butters and similar ingredients that are made from common allergens such as tree nuts. People who are allergic to these substances should ask their doctors whether they should avoid our products.

What is your policy on animal testing? 

None of our products are tested on animals other than humans.

Is Kensington Apothecary a gluten-free facility?

Gluten allergy and sensitivity is a growing concern to consumers, and many people try to avoid gluten in their diets, so we are instituting standard gluten testing for our entire product line. We will keep you posted on the results as we get them.

Do your products contain any genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)?

We consciously formulate our products with ingredients that are not currently considered high risk for GMO contamination. We are actively pursuing Non-GMO certification and will be sure to keep you updated on what we believe is an important issue.

More Questions? Check back as we will be updating this page as our story unfolds!