NEW! Acne Defense Cleanser for Grown-up Skin

NEW! Acne Defense Cleanser for Grown-up Skin

$ 28.00

Discover your new favorite beauty secret: a grown-up cleanser that won't dry you out.

Collodial Sulphur and Willow Bark extract are two of nature's oldest and most effective solutions for treating acne, blackheads, clogged pores and dull, blemished skin.  Like a healing spa visit for your face, this gentle natural cleanser can be used daily by normal-oily skin types of all ages. If you haven't tried our newest cleanser yet, be prepared to be hooked.

Claudia's Story: "When I was 13, I went away to sailing camp on Cape Cod. I came home a week before starting at a new high school with a face full of angry pimples. My dad carted me off to his dermatologist, Dr. Brinkerhoff, who gave me a creamy sulfur face wash to use. Voila! My skin was clear just in time for the first day of school and I was a fan of sulfur. When I started this line, I knew I had to bring a 100% natural version of this amazing, prescription-only face wash to the mix. I've been blemish-free for more than two decades, but I still use this cleanser today -- it's an amazingly healing treatment for all skin types -- and it really does smell like a visit to the spa!"

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