Rose Water
Exfoliating Tonic

That tired, outer layer of skin needs to go, and you’re too smart to scrub it with grit. Let our quintet of fruit acids reveal the fresh smooth skin beneath. For gorgeous teens, their chic grandmothers and everyone in-between.

$ 28.00

Sugar Cane, Bilberry and Citrus Extracts gently dissolve the outer layer of dead skin, revealing the fresh younger skin beneath. Calming and healing Organic Rose Hydrosol combines with the pH balancing powerhouse Witch Hazel and the moisture-locking properties of Aloe Vera. As effective for fine lines and discoloration as it is for blemish-prone skin, our Rose Water Exfoliating Tonic can be used daily by gorgeous teens, their chic grandmothers, and everyone in-between.

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